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If you love to stride on water in your boat, then you must be aware of the difference that a motor can make to your experience.

A good outboard motor can not only enhance the performance of your boat but also keep you safe from facing unwanted situations when you are out in the middle of the sea.

If you are looking for speed, acceleration, along with smooth functioning, then take a look at the amazing range of high quality outboard motors (boat motors) offered to Tacoma, WA enthusiasts by Ron Jones Power Equipment.

We offer a comprehensive range of outboard motors (boat motors), perfect for various applications and purposes at the most competitive price.


Outboard Motors that Provide Top Performance for Tacoma Boaters


At Ron Jones Power Equipment, we are committed to ensuring complete peace of mind and satisfaction to our Tacoma clients.

The outboard motors we offer to our clients in the greater Tacoma area pass through a rigorous procedure where they are checked thoroughly for fuel efficiency, noise and overall performance.

Outboard motors (boat motors) have different hp or horsepower and run on various types of fuel.

Be sure to pick the best one which can efficiently match your needs.  These motors are quite versatile and are used for diverse purposes.

Careful selection of an outboard motor is essential to get the performance you expect.

A few things you need to consider while choosing outboard motors(boat motors) include:

  • Engine output
  • 2 stroke or 4 stroke
  • Outboard motor weight
  • Horsepower
  • Steering


Boat Motors • Visit Our Showroom in Tacoma


We do not limit our services to just offering high quality outboard motors but also ensure complete convenience of our Tacoma clients by providing them round the clock repair and maintenance services.

Being in water for most of the time, a number of issues can emerge in an outboard motor, such as corrosion, thus effecting their performance and efficiency.

To avoid instances like sudden breakdowns or emergency repairs, we offer constant support and repair services for your outboard motor all over the Tacoma area.

It is recommended to get your motor checked and repaired at regular intervals to keep it functioning like new for years to come.

We are committed to delivering only the best quality outboard motors (boat motors), along with unmatched and steadfast service.

Our products are recognized for their efficient functioning and long lasting performance and these include generators, mowers, tractors, chippers, brush cutters, pressure washers and a lot more.

Ron Jones Power Equipment has been a prominent name since 1964, offering an extensive range of power equipment to its Tacoma clients. We currently only offer Honda motors and they are between 21/2 hp to 20 hp.

Contact us at 253-348-2300 to get detailed information about our services and our outboard motor selection.

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