Pressure Washers

Offering Pressure Washers to Tacoma Residents for Clean Driveways


Pressure washers are very handy if you have large Tacoma patios, driveways, gardens and terraces that need frequent washing and cleaning.

Using a power pressure washer is an extremely simple job and is ideal to replace regular hoses because they save time and energy.

Pressure washers are used to spray water at a very high pressure.

Some of the variants of a pressure washer is they can have detergent mixed in them, which is ideal to remove tough stains and oil deposits.

The spray pattern of the washers can be controlled manually.You can use a narrow stream jet or a wide spray depending on the place you are cleaning.

Most models of pressure washers come with several adjustments.Terraces and patios in Tacoma often need higher pressures because of their vast area.

Make Tough Cleaning Jobs in Tacoma Easier with Power Washers

Here at Ron Jones Power Equipment in Tacoma, we have a wide variety of pressure washers (power washer / power pressure washer) for Tacoma residents to choose from.

We have been dealing in pressure washers for a long time and have only the best models available

To keep yourself and others safe while using a power pressure washer, it is important to keep the following points in mind:

  • Use the safety manual
  • Be sure to have your eyes protected
  • Do not aim the washer at yourself
  • Keep away from children
  • Do not use a petrol powdered washer

Using power pressure washers can make cleaning up a simple task.It is ideal to use on driveways.

Most residents in Tacoma swear by these Pressure washers, owing to their high functionality and ease of use.

Remove Grime and Dirt on Tacoma Patios with Amazing Power Pressure Washers


Forget the days of having to deal with tough oily deposits and stains on your gorgeous looking Tacoma patios or marbled driveways.

With power pressure washers, you will no longer have dull looking patios. Now you can have bright and sparkly clean Tacoma driveways, terraces and patios in under a few minutes!

Pressure washers are built to deal with extreme grime and dirt.They are easily adjustable to reach small and narrow spaces.

Forget worrying about cleaning your Tacoma patios because with these pressure washers, your patio will never see grime again.

Ron Jones Power Equipment in Tacoma is fully equipped to provide top quality appliances and pressure washers to our clients.

Drop by our store for a demo of the latest range of pressure washers or call (253) 348-2300 today!