Tiller – The Finest Outdoor Power Equipment for Tacoma Gardeners


A garden tiller or cultivator is a tool which is used to break the soil for a garden or to renew the soil for your existing garden.

A garden tiller (tillers, cultivators) has rotating blades which help to churn the soil.

The soil then aerates which helps to distribute the minerals and nutrients in the soil.

Mainly, Tacoma gardeners prefer to add these minerals and nutrients prior to tilling.

This is a great way to ensure that your Tacoma soil has been enriched with the needed essentials.

This helps the plants and crops to grow in a healthier environment.

Give Your Garden a Good Start with Tillers


Using a garden tiller or cultivator will have your Tacoma garden in a prim and proper state in no time.

  • Motorized tillers
  • Mini tillers
  • Front tiller
  • Electric tiller
  • Gas powered tiller

A motorized garden tiller is the best option these days.

Here at Ron Jones Power Equipment in Tacoma, we have a wide range of electric and gas garden tiller (tillers, cultivators) models.

They are much easier and lighter to use. An electric garden tiller (tillers, cultivators) is best since it conserves energy and does not make much noise as compared to a gas operated.

Most gardeners in Tacoma prefer this over regular manual ones.

These garden tiller (tillers, cultivators) models are also available in mini range and they weigh less than 25 pounds.

These are very user friendly and can be stored easily.  They are composed of 4 blades and 4 wheels.

They are best suited to aerate the Tacoma soil for shrubs and trees as well as breaking soil in your back gardens and lawns.

A front garden tiller is also another option available.

It is more economically priced compared to a regular tiller, but it’s not very user friendly.

Cultivators -The Best Choice to Break Up and Aerate the Soil in Your Garden

A garden tiller (tillers, cultivators) is what most Tacoma residents choose for their gardens but they require a great deal of effort and thus are best suited for small areas only.

These tools can be used for areas that need extreme precision.

A garden tiller / cultivator is easy to use and does not take much time or effort to operate.

These help to evenly distribute the minerals, vitamins and nutrients in the soil easily.

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We have a wide range of garden tillers and cultivators to choose from.